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Specializing in Minor Metals and Rare Earth Metals

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Terra Commodities LLC is a full service physical metals, chemicals, and minerals merchant serving North America, Europe, and Asia.

Established in 2008, Terra is headquartered in the United States with representation throughout Europe, and Asia.


Terra specializes in supplying primary materials, secondary materials, and intermediary products for use in superalloys, specialty steels, optoelectronic, microelectronics, thermal spray powders, and photovoltaics.


Terra's long term track record with a global network of producers and processors enables us to uniquely service the immediate and future requirements of industrial end users.


Minor Metals

Terra stocks a range of raw materials in the US, Europe, and Asia. Our core minor metal products listed below are available in standard industrial grades and ultra high purity grades with forms ranging from fine powders to large ingots. 

Rare Earths

Terra supplies a range of rare earth metals and oxides. Our core rare earth metal and oxide products listed below are available in a host of purities and forms. Rare earth oxide particle size distributions can be customized to spec. 

Cobalt Alloys

Terra Commodities manufactures cobalt based alloy ingots for use in superalloys and specialty steels.  We manufacture a broad range of chemistries driven by our customer's specifications.

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